Travel Tips

Getting around the city

Berlin has a public transport, running day and night. During the week, only buses operate at night. If you don’t buy a ticket, be careful. Ticket controllers can enter the trains – they don’t necessarily wear a uniform.

If you are rolling under 72mm, we recommend using a bicycle to get around town. Best bike rental in town (used to be 4 € a day)

If you want to be flexible with your vehicles like a true cosmopolitan, we can also recommend the app „Jelbi“ which includes the public transport ticket, but also many kinds of shared mobility services – cars, bikes or e-scooters.


For street spots you can follow the Spotspatz – some of the posts even have a location tag. You may check this page (not blader-owned) as well.

For skateparks, there is a brochure with almost all the parks, curated by our beloved Skateboard Verein.

One special mention: If you have a bit more time in Berlin, check out the newly built Spade Bowl in Potsdam. It is a massive DIY bowl with an exquisite pool coping. You will find it here. (why not visit a lake after?)

Refreshments & Intoxication

Berlin is full of bars and Spätis (little corner shops) open all day and night, mostly. It is legal to drink alcohol in the street Smoking w*d is illegal, but tolerated in many places, like public parks. Follow your instinct.


No secret tips, unfortunately. Airbnb prices have skyrocketed and hostels are hostels.

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